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Posted: September 4, 2012 in Blog


(Listen to the podcast for yourself)^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

One of the major subjects that was touched on during the podcast was how one of the people said that worship is a way of receiving gifts from God. I beg to differ. Some of God’s greatest gifts are grace and mercy and love, which we have already had from the beginning…. You can’t receive something that you already have.

My definition of “Worship” is: An overflow of the heart. Giving thanks and praise to the Lord for all he has done and has yet to do. “GIVING thanks”… not receiving gifts. One of the ways we show gratitude and thank Him is through song. Another is prayer. There are so many ways you can thank him. You can use your gifts to bring glory to His name. Maybe you are a painter, or a musician, or a dancer… there are endless ways to use your gifts that the good Lord gave you to respond to what he has done in your life.

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  1. rweatherby says:

    I agree with your statement that we can’t receive gifts that we have already been given by God. I think another way to look at the idea of “receiving gifts from worship” is that instead of us receiving gifts such as mercy, grace, and forgiveness which we already have, we are receiving a reminder of these gifts and the chance to grow in our relationship and walk with Christ.

    • PERFECTLY stated! He reminds us every day of how much he loves us and reminds us of how much he has done in our lives. It can be the simplest little thing that gets thrown my way and i look back at it later on and i am like “WOW!… The puzzle pieces of my life are all coming together!”

    • Rebecca, I like the nuance you add to Tyler’s statement. Both of you are correct, of course, that God’s saving grace has already been given. But the things we do in corporate worship are things that God gives us to increase our faith and assurance in what he has already done and what he has promised for the future. Even though the work of salvation has been accomplished, we have a race to run, and there are way stations on the road where we receive nourishment to help us keep running.

  2. samkestner says:

    I really agree with the definition you gave for worship, and I really enjoyed it! Not a lot of people put it in that way and it set your response up really well! Thank you for including in your blog response ALL of the ways we worship! Yes I firmly believe and agree that there are many ways to show Him our love, whether its through painting, dancing or music! Great Job!

    • Thanks for your response! Everyone in our class are worshipers through music (Being as we are all in the same music class at a Christian University). That is what i LOVE about this school!!! Just one giant body of believers and worshipers!! 😀

      • I love your def of worship like so many other have said. It is really well stated and i couldn’t agree more. It’s thanking God for giving his only son so we may be saved. It’s thanking him for getting us through that really hard time in our life and thanking him for giving us the gift of music to share with others. However, doesn’t God need to give us something first in order for us to praise and thank him for it? So in a way isn’t it “a way of recieving”? Christans recieved the gift of salvation becuase they accepted the fact that Chirst died on the cross for them. For example, how do you recieve a birthday gift? Do you thank that person a thousand times and get excited about that gift, or do you say thanks, put it on a shelf and never look at it again? i believe worshiping is, in my eyes, reciving God’s gifts becasue you are accepting that he has done this for you and praising him for it.If you never use that gift then you haven’t really recieved it. It has just been given. In other words by recieving God’s gifts you are accepting that he has given them to you and using them to make a difference.If you don’t accept them then they just sit there and “collect dust”. therefore,I believe that Worshiping is reciving because you are telling God that you accept his gift and will use it. However, I do see your point Tyler and it is a good one. Giving thanks is a huge part of worship.

      • Your response also makes a lot of sense. It is really a case of, in layman’s terms, “Which came first… the chicken or the egg?” Do you receive first and then praise Him for it? Or do you praise Him first THEN he blesses you? Some food for thought.

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